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Business lessons to take on board from Google founder Larry Page

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Douglas Charron
Douglas Charron
I am a New York native covering breaking news out of New York City and nationally. Previously, I was a Metic Magazine intern. I am an alum of City, University of London and Texas State University.

Google is the most used search engine in the entire world, and nearly everyone on the planet will have used it at some point for their benefit. Google has gone from being just a search engine, to branching out into YouTube, email, advertisements and so on. All this is thanks to one of its founders, Larry Page.

His creation transformed the way business is done and how we use the Internet. Starting from a university project, Google became one of the biggest tech giants in the world. But how did Larry Page achieve something so significant?

Here are some business lessons from Google founder Larry Page.

You don’t need a large company with 100 people to develop your idea

Google, like many other highly successful businesses, was started in an empty garage. To have a functioning business, you need nothing but an idea and yourself. If you think your idea is willing to work for, then all you have to do is work towards it. Even if you may not have the necessary resources, you will need determination to advance your idea.

Treat your employees with respect and it will return to your company

Page believed it was important to treat employees with respect, as they would work hard for your company and you would get it in return. People are the most important asset for your company.

Your business must fulfil a need

For your business to function well, it must fulfil a need and/or resolve problems. If your business is helping people, then you are doing it the right way.

These are some business lessons from Larry Page, and if followed, your business should be on the right track. If tech giant Google is anything to go off, then these business lessons would be important to be applied to your business situation.

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