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Business tips from the master of business deals: Donald Trump

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Douglas Charron
Douglas Charron
I am a New York native covering breaking news out of New York City and nationally. Previously, I was a Metic Magazine intern. I am an alum of City, University of London and Texas State University.

Regardless of where you stand on Donald Trump, it is undeniable that he is an incredible business figure who has had major success in the business world.

He is the owner and leader of several organizations and companies, who climbed the ranks through natural entrepreneurial spirit and business dealings.

Trump is worth $4.5 billion, and has multiple successful business dealings a year that continues to raise his wealth. With all this success, he has much to offer in terms of advice for those looking to make it big in the business world.

Here are some business tips from Donald Trump.

Never stop trying

As someone going into business, it is a very competitive market out there and you will need to have a lot of determination to get where you want to be. Trump believes in never settling for remaining in your comfort zone, and to remain complacent is to go nowhere. Obviously continued effort and hard work is of importance to Trump.

Have grand thoughts and vision

Trump believes in going big or going home. He believes you should never be content with where you are, and always be looking at the next bigger picture. Big ideas are the only ones worth pursuing, and it’s this mindset that can keep you driven in your goals and keep you moving.

Enjoy what you do

You should enjoy what you do and have genuine passion. To hate going into work means you will not make it in the business world. You will likely not have  a lot of free time, which means you will need to enjoy your work or face burning out.

Donald Trump is a major figurehead in the business world and one that people should look up to when it comes to doing business.

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