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Family-Friendly Video Chat Has Arrived

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Justin Maakhttps://www.resticmagazine.com
I cover business topics for Restic Magazine. I have a master’s degree in journalism from Columbia University and live in New York City. I’ve previously reported for USA Today, Business Insider, The San Francisco Business Times and San Jose Inside.

For years, video chat sites and apps have been a sort of wild wasteland.  Sites boasting the ability to help you meet new friends or keep in touch with family across the globe usually go unmoderated. This allows more “creative” folks to hop on and do things that don’t necessarily match the site’s TOS.

Unfortunately, this means a lot of video chat apps aren’t suitable for teens, and even adults with strict moral compasses can find themselves exposed to things they’d rather not see.

Now, there’s a new option in the video chat arena, and it not only promises to create a family-friendly atmosphere, but it backs that promise up with moderation and family-friendly rules.

Let’s dive into what sets CamSurf apart from video chat mainstays that might have chased you away in the past.

A Family-Friendly TOS

CamSurf sets the groundwork for a family-friendly atmosphere by having a Terms of Service agreement that makes users agree to maintain a behavioral standard not seen on many other chat apps.

Sexually explicit actions, drug abuse, and other things that permeate most other video chat sites aren’t allowed on CamSurf.

This doesn’t mean that everything on the site is reminiscent of the Disney Channel. The TOS agreement is designed to make CamSurf appropriate for people of all ages; it just doesn’t allow obscene or illegal behavior to take place.

Real Moderation

You might counter our first point with the fact that other video chat services have similar TOS agreements, and adult content still finds its way onto those sites. That’s true, but that’s because other sites don’t put in the effort to moderate user complaints or what their users are doing.

That’s kind of like having a bunch of laws but not having any police around to enforce them.

CamSurf isn’t like that. The platform is actively moderated, and there are plenty of staff members available to look into user complaints, reports, and other issues if bad apples do show up on the platform.

This doesn’t mean that CamSurf is playing “big brother” though. You can still enjoy private chatrooms with your contacts without worrying about a CamSurf staff member listening in.

No, all that means is that, if you find yourself having to make a complaint or report another user, you can trust that the issue will be looked into and handled appropriately. In public rooms or random chats, a staff member might just drop in unsuspectingly to catch bad apples red-handed.

This ensures that the rules don’t just protect younger users and keep the platform family-friendly, but those rules are also enforced.

It Has Something for Everyone

Despite the moderated platform having family-friendly rules, it still has something for everyone.

Teens are more than welcome to use the platform to meet new friends, chat with their existing friends, and goof off during their downtime. However, adults can also use the platform for more mature conversations, meeting new people, and yes, even sparking relationships.

Try CamSurf Today

CamSurf is a breath of fresh air for video chat enthusiasts who are tired of every platform turning into the wild west with adult themes and inappropriate behavior.

If you want a family-friendly environment with something for everyone, try CamSurf, today!

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