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Healthy living and lifestyle tips from Kevin Hart

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Leticia Mercier
Leticia Mercier
I am an award-winning Chicago-based American journalist covering celebrity and lifestyle industries with over 10 years of experience. I spent over 5 years at the industry fashion and retail trade “bible” WWD, aka Women’s Wear Daily, where my beat was first sportswear and then accessories and fine jewelry for 4 years. My career witnessed the shift from traditional print media to the evolution of digital. In this role, I gained expert knowledge of the design world, the wholesale and retail markets as well as the marketing that supports them. Along the way, I met endless creatives and business people who create luxury from inception to POS with the consumer.

It’s obvious to see that Kevin Hart has transformed his body through fitness and diet, looking much more buff and fit than ever before.

He attributes this to a strict diet and workout regimen which he follows to the tee. In light of his transformation, many people want to know what his lifestyle is like to keep his health and fitness up.

Here are some healthy living and lifestyle tips from Kevin Hart.

Wake up and get moving

The comedian believes in waking up and starting his exercise routine.

Starting the day with exercise makes him feel good, and puts him in the best thinking space. It also gives him energy for the day. Many people like to start their day with exercise, and it really does put you in a great mindset, ready to tackle the day.

Get yourself into a routine

Hart is a systematic person who loves a good schedule. He believes that putting yourself into a routine means that you are not cheating yourself, and that you are putting in work towards your craft. He doesn’t believe in getting comfortable, and strives to be the best he can be every day. He’s usually up at 5AM for a run or in the gym, and loves the way it feels.

Give it your all even if it makes you uncomfortable

The superstar doesn’t do anything halfway. If he’s going to partake in something, he’s going to give it his all. Putting in the work even if you feel uncomfortable is what gives you positive results, and getting out of your comfort zone is important for anyone in order to keep striving to be the best they can be.

Kevin Hart is a man of commitment, whether that be through his work as a world famous comedian or in his fitness and diet routines. He has proven this through his success on the stage and in his health.

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