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How Chris Hemsworth changes his diet and training to play different roles

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Leticia Mercier
Leticia Mercier
I am an award-winning Chicago-based American journalist covering celebrity and lifestyle industries with over 10 years of experience. I spent over 5 years at the industry fashion and retail trade “bible” WWD, aka Women’s Wear Daily, where my beat was first sportswear and then accessories and fine jewelry for 4 years. My career witnessed the shift from traditional print media to the evolution of digital. In this role, I gained expert knowledge of the design world, the wholesale and retail markets as well as the marketing that supports them. Along the way, I met endless creatives and business people who create luxury from inception to POS with the consumer.

As an actor, it makes sense that Chris Hemsworth has had to change his body up quite a few times to fit his roles. However, his role as Thor in The Avengers and other Marvel Cinematic Universe films may have been his most challenging yet. He’s had to shed weight and pack on muscle gains in order to look physically big enough to play a god. His role as a Formula 1 driver in Rush means that he had to lose 30 pounds to fit into an F1 car.

Here is how Chris Hemsworth changes his diet and training to play different roles.

Eating strategically

Whilst filming Rush, in the role as a Formula 1 driver, he got the call to go back to filming in the role of Thor, meaning he had to pack on the 30 pounds he had lost. In order to accomplish this, a mean diet is required. He stated that he would eat buckets of brown rice, protein and vegetables, eating regularly every 3 hours. Following this, he would eat more vegetables and fruit in order to help break down the protein. Hemsworth prefers this bulk eating diet to his shedding diet he endured for his role in Rush.

Shedding fat with circuit workouts

The god of thunder had to lose 30 pounds for his role in Rush.

This was achieved through lots and lots of workouts in the form of circuit training. The circuit training was Strongman focused, with continuous push ups and kettlebell swings acting as weight and cardio training simultaneously, in order to cut down those pounds.

Chris Hemsworth is known on the big screen for having a great physique, and it’s through his crazy dietary changes and workouts that he is able to go from F1 driver fit to Thor fit.

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