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How shopping has changed over the years

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Monica Mitchell
Monica Mitchell
I am the junior journalist at Restic Magazine, covering anything shopping related. I also cover the jewelry business and write regularly for the world's finest newspapers and magazines. I travel the world in search of cutting-edge new innovations and behind-the-scenes news about people, products and the places they go.

Shopping has changed significantly over the years, specifically due to the rise of e-commerce and the huge increase in Internet use. Online shopping and spending is the primary way for people to buy nearly anything, and retail is suffering greatly. The new consumer with disposable income is the millennial, and their shopping and spending habits are all done online. Online retailers are seeing great success, whilst physical retailers are going into administration, and closing various locations.

This is some reasons that shopping has changed over the years.

Mobile phone use

Smartphones have revolutionized the way we see do a lot of things in the world, and shopping is definitely one of them. The ease of access given with a smartphone means you can find an item of clothing or a product you want and buy it with a few taps. You are able to purchase what you want from just about anywhere.

Social media

Social media has allowed people to connect to each other easily, and is massively popular. This creates a huge demographic, and allows shops to target this demographic on social media platforms. Online shopping platforms that target these social media demographics become largely successful as a result, whereas retailers cannot do this and thereby suffer. By marketing an online platform on a social media platform, consumers can buy products in a couple of clicks. This is easier to market to them than telling them to come physically down to the store.

Shopping has changed significantly in the past couple of years due to evolving technologies including smartphones and the rise of social media. Smartphones allow people to access and buy products from anywhere in the world at any time. Social media platforms give online retailers a huge demographic to market towards, making it much more appealing, thereby being much more successful than physical retailers.

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