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Movies & TV

Why CGI is getting worse in movies

CGI was considered revolutionary for the movie industry, and was the stepping stone for many more special effects that we now enjoy in most...

Some ways that binge watching TV affects you

Binge watching TV, specifically media streaming platforms such as Netflix, has become a national past time for many. There’s something that’s just so nice...

Why having a home cinema is better than going to the movies

Home cinema technology is becoming increasingly popular amongst the population, and is usually a much more enjoyable experience than going to the movies. From...

Some ways that watching TV is bad for your health

Watching TV can be damaging to your health, which is well-known and documented. TV can be a good past time for most people, and...

Reasons why movies are better than books

Most people these days watch movies, and there are a few people within the population who read. Movies are much more accessible and generally...

Reasons why TV shows have become better than movies

It’s been a long raging debate that has gone back years and years. TV shows vs Movies, which one is better for entertainment? Over the past...

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