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Reasons why America is the best place to start a new business

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Douglas Charron
Douglas Charron
I am a New York native covering breaking news out of New York City and nationally. Previously, I was a Metic Magazine intern. I am an alum of City, University of London and Texas State University.

America has its problems, especially in the modern day. It can be easy to hear how the media constantly portrays America and feel not too optimistic about the country. Although the country is facing many significant problems, it is and always has been a country of opportunity. Plenty of immigrants flock to the United States in search of their American Dream. Many people start new businesses in the US every year, and there are good reasons for that.

America welcomes innovation

Americans are always willing to embrace new innovation and ideas. Many other countries are bound by traditional culture and are unwilling to change or try new things. America is always welcome of change, and are not quick to judge. As a result, new innovation is constantly coming out of America, and Americans reap the benefits.

America welcomes immigration

America can be a touchy topic in many countries, with many holding very strict immigration policies and strong views on immigrants. Whilst America has had a recent immigration viewpoint issue, it has always been known for welcoming immigration for a long time now. Pursuing the American Dream is a long life-goal for many immigrants, and it opens the doors for opportunity to do with innovation, new business opportunities and financial benefits.

America is a relaxed environment

In many countries, business is taken very seriously and formally. This can lead to business traditions and a culture that is hard to change, which limits opportunities for beneficial change and innovation. America has a very relaxed work environment, and as a result makes starting a business a much easier process with more opportunity available.

In summary, America might be facing a few issues as of late, however it ultimately is and always will be the land of opportunity, and is a great place to start a new business.

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