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Reasons why movies are better than books

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Stella Mullikin
Stella Mullikin
I'm a Chicago-based news desk reporter for Restic Magazine covering movies, sports, celebrity and lifestyle.

Most people these days watch movies, and there are a few people within the population who read. Movies are much more accessible and generally will take more of your time than a book will. With the availability of movies through media streaming platforms, cinema and on the Internet, it’s no surprise that movies are much more popular choices over books.

Here are some reasons why movies are better than books.

They are more visually appealing

To many people, a page of small text can be daunting, and a movie with its special effects, bright colours and visual environment can be much more appealing. Quick fast-paced action and bright lights just seem to work better on the big screen than within the pages of a book.

The social aspect of movies

Now, granted you don’t speak to people at the movies, it is a much more social situation to have a group of friends over and watch a movie and to talk and laugh about it, than read a book in isolation. Watching a movie is a fun social event which works in many social situations, having a girl over or having a group of friends over, it works in all ways.

Previews and the build up

Books can never have the marketing and build up that a movie can have. Movies often have whole marketing campaigns months before they are released, to build up the hype. Previews and trailers are released and shown before other movies, something a book just can’t capture.

Movies are generally better than books when it comes to entertainment, as well as being able to be an event by itself for social gatherings or for relaxation.

Books are enjoyable, but movies are enjoyed by more of the population, and for good reason too.

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