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Reasons why TV shows have become better than movies

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Stella Mullikin
Stella Mullikin
I'm a Chicago-based news desk reporter for Restic Magazine covering movies, sports, celebrity and lifestyle.

It’s been a long raging debate that has gone back years and years.

TV shows vs Movies, which one is better for entertainment?

Over the past couple years, movies have become longer and longer. The reason for this lies in the very fact that if something is good, people will want more of it. TV shows have become much higher quality, and with media streaming platforms increasing in popularity, binge-watching has become a global past time. So which one wins?

Here are some reasons why TV shows have become better than movies.

More run time

People love binge-watching nowadays, and whilst movies are becoming increasingly longer in run time, TV shows naturally have that advantage.

If people like something, they are going to want more of it.

Thereby, TV shows are much more popular for this reason.

More room to grow and adapt

With more run time, TV shows have the ability to grow their characters more and adapt to the environment in the world. With movies, the characters are relatively stuck in their roles. This makes TV shows much more interesting and ever changing, adding to the variety every time you watch.

Less rating restrictions

Movies are limited by rating restrictions, meaning the content they can contain has to be judged as to whether it can go ahead. TV shows do not have this disadvantage, and can build darker and grittier content. This appeals to many, and is a reason so many darker shows have become so popular.

TV shows vs movies has always been a debate, but it is obvious in the current times that TV shows are winning. With more adaptability, room for change, different content and longer run time, it beats movies in all its disadvantages. For this reason, TV shows reign supreme.

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