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Some ways that watching TV is bad for your health

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Stella Mullikin
Stella Mullikin
I'm a Chicago-based news desk reporter for Restic Magazine covering movies, sports, celebrity and lifestyle.

Watching TV can be damaging to your health, which is well-known and documented. TV can be a good past time for most people, and can be used to unwind from work, however too much TV can be bad. With the rise of media streaming platforms, binge watching is also becoming very popular, but it can lead to a host of issues to do with your health.

Here are some ways that watching TV is bad for your health.

It can make you overweight

It should come as no surprise that sitting down for extended periods of time without moving can make you overweight. Couple this with the snacks and drinks that usually come with TV sessions, and you are in for a bad time for your waist line.

It can damage relationships

The more committed you are in front of the TV, the less committed you are to your significant other. By sitting and watching TV for long periods of time, you could be putting off social interaction with your SO and causing harm to your relationship, rather than spending quality time together.

It can stunt your child’s development

Too often nowadays are children left to sit in front of a TV or iPad rather than learning through books and social interaction. Too much TV can cause a decrease in language development in children, and it is better to not have TV or movies on for children under the age of 2.

These have been some issues that watching TV can cause.

These include making you overweight through inactivity, causing damage to relationships through isolation and stunting children’s development.

TV watching is fine in moderation, and is something that most people enjoy, but too much TV can affect your health negatively.

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