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Staying fit when you are a senior

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Leticia Mercier
Leticia Mercier
I am an award-winning Chicago-based American journalist covering celebrity and lifestyle industries with over 10 years of experience. I spent over 5 years at the industry fashion and retail trade “bible” WWD, aka Women’s Wear Daily, where my beat was first sportswear and then accessories and fine jewelry for 4 years. My career witnessed the shift from traditional print media to the evolution of digital. In this role, I gained expert knowledge of the design world, the wholesale and retail markets as well as the marketing that supports them. Along the way, I met endless creatives and business people who create luxury from inception to POS with the consumer.

As a senior, it can be hard to keep up with your body in general day to day life, let alone exercising daily. Aging is just a part of life, and something that everyone has to accept, but that doesn’t mean you can’t slow it down and keep your body healthy. The benefits of exercise are numerous at any age, if anything more beneficial at an older age. From reducing the risk of heart disease to dementia, exercise is a must for all people of any age.

Here are some ways to stay fit when you are a senior.

Taking walks

This form of exercise is not that taxing on the body, and has many benefits that come with it. Your energy and endurance reduces as you get older, so walking is a good way to incorporate some form of exercise into your life. Being less intensive than running, so you’ll have to walk for around 30 minutes a day.

Increase bone density through moderate weightlifting

Weightlifting isn’t all about lifting heavy weights, even light to moderate weightlifting can have its benefits. It allows the rate of natural bone less to be reduced, which normally occurs after the age of 35 and can cause Osteoporosis.

Eating smart

Eating healthy and nutritiously can keep you from increasing your risk of dementia. Eating a healthy balance of olive oil, fish, fruit and vegetables can keep your brain nourished as you age.

Ditch alcohol and cigarettes

Alcohol and cigarettes is never good for anyone, at any age. However, it is definitely worse for you as a senior. Even a drink or two is enough to damage your liver, and at an older age, it just isn’t worth it.

These are some tips you can implement into your life to keep yourself fit and healthy.

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