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What we can all learn about business from Kanye West

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Betty Allen
Betty Allen
I’m the Under 30 Editorial Community Lead at Restic Magazine. Previously, I directed marketing at a mobile app startup in New York. I’ve also worked at The New York Times and New York Observer. I attended the University of Pennsylvania where I studied English and creative writing.

Kanye West, the very name evokes banging club music to slow vocal based songs that captured us for years and years. Kanye branched out into various different industries, notably to do with high fashion and shoes. His success in the marketing and design of these fashion pursuits has seen him become a fashion icon and highly successful within these industries.

Here are some things we can learn about business from Kanye West.

Getting into the industries and making something of yourself

Kanye started as a music producer, but wanted to get into the rap game.

Being uniquely different from others in the rap game at the time, with different dress of Ralph Lauren and Louis Vuitton, to his rapping style, he faced many obstacles. After a car accident in which he shattered his jaw, Kanye released music to critical acclaim, thus staking his claim as a rapper to be noticed.

Ask for help

Kanye can come off as arrogant and self-absorbed, especially with songs such as “I am a God”. However, he is not self-entitled enough to know when to ask for help. He enlisted the help of film producer Jon Brion for assistance with his 2005 production The Late Registration. This production went on to win critical acclaim. Entrepreneurs can be afraid to ask for help, but it can be very beneficial to ask those who know more than you in order to succeed in your pursuits.

Don’t get complacent

Kanye is always striving to achieve more and more. His pursuits go far and wide, and he is always changing his style up in order to revolutionize and change the rap game.

Kanye West is a figurehead of music production and rap, as well as being a successful entrepreneur in many aspects of business.

We could all learn something from Kanye West.

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