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Why American businesses succeed in the global market more so than others

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Douglas Charron
Douglas Charron
I am a New York native covering breaking news out of New York City and nationally. Previously, I was a Metic Magazine intern. I am an alum of City, University of London and Texas State University.

It seems that most globally successful businesses come from the United States. The US business culture is one to prepare their businesses for international business and success. There are many key advantages American businesses enjoy that make them much more susceptible to success in the global market.

Here are some reasons why American businesses succeed in the global market.

English language

Communication in business is key, and speaking English as a native language is a big advantage globally. As many speak English across the world, you can tap into multiple markets very easily without a large language barrier. English is considered the language of business worldwide, and speaking it fluently is a privilege. The result of this is that most American entrepreneurs can communicate their ideas fluently and with relative ease, without having to worry about misunderstandings.

Large domestic market

There are many businesses that push into the global market very early on in their inception, as their domestic market is very small and they do not have a lot of opportunity for business. This is not the case with America, as it has a very large domestic market and new businesses have a wide variety of business opportunity available to them on their doorstep. They have a large GDP, a language that is spoken commonly and familiar buying patterns, allowing them to develop their business before expanding globally.

This also allows for business experience to be developed in the home market before moving onto different markets, which can be crucial to their success in the business world.

America has a large domestic market which produces a lot of businesses. These businesses are advantaged in the sense that they have a lot of opportunity for business on their doorstep, and can expand globally with a developed and experienced business as a result.

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