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Why CGI is getting worse in movies

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Stella Mullikin
Stella Mullikin
I'm a Chicago-based news desk reporter for Restic Magazine covering movies, sports, celebrity and lifestyle.

CGI was considered revolutionary for the movie industry, and was the stepping stone for many more special effects that we now enjoy in most movies.

But with the rise of CGI, its use is very prevalent in almost every movie, and takes away from traditional makeup effects which arguably look better and more realistic compared to special effects. There are of course movies that utilise CGI and it looks incredible, however some movies have very low quality CGI, and these are much more common than the amazing looking productions.

Here are some reasons why CGI is getting worse in movies.

CGI has become overused

CGI was originally implemented as a side part of a movie, in order to immerse the audience and add to the environment. However, in a lot of movies nowadays, CGI has become the main focus of the movie, and in some movies they hold a long duration within the movie.

CGI has made unconvincing universes

Often times, people will be amazed by the CGI in a movie, and discuss specifically about the CGI effects in the movie. It takes away from the immersion in the movie if CGI is overused, and when the CGI effects is what people take away after watching, and not the actual movie, then we know there’s a problem here.

There’s no restraint when it comes to the use of CGI

Some directors will show restraint when it comes to the use of CGI, and only use it if really needed. However, many in Hollywood go all out with CGI effects, using it as their primary capture point. This lack of restraint has led to an overuse of CGI in movies, and takes away from the movie.

CGI has become overused in Hollywood productions, and ultimately takes away from the immersion of the movie. Movies need to rely on more practical measures to add realism, and only use CGI if necessary.

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