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Why having a home cinema is better than going to the movies

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Stella Mullikin
Stella Mullikin
I'm a Chicago-based news desk reporter for Restic Magazine covering movies, sports, celebrity and lifestyle.

Home cinema technology is becoming increasingly popular amongst the population, and is usually a much more enjoyable experience than going to the movies. From the quality of sound and video, to not having to be around other movie goers, to reduced costs, there are many reasons why having a home cinema is better than going to the movies.

Video and audio quality

Many movie theatres have a much lower video resolution quality than home movie theatres. In addition to this, their screens are often not as good quality as home theatre screens, resulting in an overall lower visual quality.

In terms of audio, you can’t change the volume when you go to the cinema, and they never seem to get it right. Too loud, too quiet, with your own home movie theatre, you can adjust it till it’s just right.

Other people in the theatre

From loud talkers to people using their phones, other people going to the movie theatre can take away from the immersion in the movie, and ruin the vibe. With home movie theatres, it’s just you or people you want around you, and this makes it not only a good experience watching the movie, but good quality time spent with only the people you like and love.

Your home, your hygiene

The cinema can be very unhygienic, with sticky floors and dirty/smelly seats; it is often not a pleasant environment to enjoy a movie in. With your own home movie theatre, you are able to enjoy the movie knowing that the environment around you is clean and is based on your work and quality alone.

A home movie theatre is a worthwhile investment if you can afford it, with better video and audio and an overall more comfortable experience, your movie watching sessions will be that much better.

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