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Burning Herbal Incense Just Got A Lot Easier

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Nowadays, incense burning can be commenced and completed with the use of sticks, matches, and cones. But do you think this provides that full experience you’re looking for? No? That’s what we thought. What if there was a simple means of changing from the not-so-fun method of burning sticks till they’re completely turned into ashes? What if the answer was a simple bowl? It’s time we talked about the incense bowl.

What’s This Incense Bowl You Speak Of?

This, dear readers, is the simple answer to herbal incense lovers’ plea for a simple and fun way to enjoy the full experience of burning herbal incense plants. Yes, you can say goodbye to incense sticks if they’re not your thing because we’ve got something you definitely need.

Incense bowls are safe tools for burning dried-up herbs such as herbal incense. They also ensure you don’t need fillers or artificial fragrances. At the same time, you get to experience the real thing for a longer period compared to the short timeframe for incense sticks.

The real trick to the full incense bowl experience is learning how to properly use an incense bowl. So, how do you use a herbal incense bowl? Let’s find out.

How to Burn Herbal Incense In An Incense Bowl

  1. Pick A Bowl

The first step is picking the right bowl. Incense bowls are usually metal or ceramic but definitely not made of materials that can get burnt easily e.g. plastic, glass. Also, ensure this bowl isn’t placed on the surface of any item that can get damaged.

  1. Select Your Herbal Incense

Now to pick the main ingredient; the herbal incense. You can always pick this up from a trusted online store like Incense High. There are lots of flavors available, each tailor-made to appeal to your olfactory senses.

  1. Pick A Location

Where do you want to burn your incense? Where’s the best place to place the bowl?

These are vital questions about the location of your incense bowl. The best call is to place the incense bowl in a safe location where no one, including the kids and pets, will have access to. Also, avoid placing the bowl near curtains that tend to fly over it, you’re working with fire here, so be careful.

  1. Time To Light Up

Okay, it’s time to let lit the herbal incense. Get a lighter or match stick and light up the incense for a short while before you drop it in the bowl for the fumes to dance around the room.

  1. Waft The Smoke

The smoke is always going to be moving in a straight path. So, if you want a proper distribution of the dancing fumes, use your hands to waft the smoke. This allows for an even spread of the relaxing scent.

  1. Let The Incense Go Out Naturally

Don’t try to burn out the incense faster than normal. Instead, wait till it’s completely burnt and light another incense again if you want.

You can rinse and repeat this process to your satisfaction, and then you can fully testify to the huge difference between burning sticks and having a full-on incense bowl experience.

Note To All Incense Burners

After the full-on herbal incense relaxation experience, ensure the ashes are completely disposed of. Do this once you’re certain every bit of the herbal incense has been completely extinguished to prevent a fire accident.



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