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Pharmacy Medication Myths To Be Aware Of

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Justin Maakhttps://www.resticmagazine.com
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Pharmacists work hard to provide their local community with superior healthcare, including access and advice on their prescription medication. Healthcare is a tricky business, and navigating your medication can seem impossible – even for the ones with professional experience! That is why it is essential to be educated on what you can expect from your medication, as well as common misconceptions to watch out for.

Even if you are simply picking up your medication, feel free to ask the pharmacists for advice or to clear up any questions. They will be happy to help! To make their job a little easier, let us clear up some pharmacy medication myths that you should look out for.

You don’t need to take your medication once you start feeling better.

We get it: lives get busy, and you forget some essential things. This is especially true for people who have been struggling with a condition such as an infection or injury; once you start to feel better, you’re ready to hit the ground running and can assume that taking your medication is no longer necessary.

In reality, you need to take every single dose of medicine that you are prescribed. Starting to feel better is a good sign, but you will not fully recover unless you completely use the medicine you are given. Trust that your pharmacist knows best!

If the pain is really bad, you can increase your own dose.

This is another myth that seems to focus on the “no harm, no foul” mindset. You are the one who knows your pain best, and if you feel like your medication is not truly helping it can be tempting to take matters into your own hands just to get some relief. Unfortunately, medication is not meant to just erase current pain, but repair and lower the chances of future pain.

You should never take an extra pill or dose of medication than your pharmacist has instructed. It may seem harmless, but you are messing with a delicate system of calculations. Inform your doctor and pharmacist if you feel more medication is needed, and wait for them to calculate a new dosage. Teams like the one at this Canadian Pharmacy work hard to make sure your medication is accurate, so trust them!

Natural is always better than prescription!

It can be tempting to save some time and money by using natural remedies, but home-grown or “organic” supplements will often not have been subjected to the same rigorous testing and safety experiments as prescription drugs. This makes them less effective at best, and dangerous for you at worst! Don’t be afraid to ask questions about ingredients or treatment methods, but trust that your pharmacist and healthcare team have your best interest at heart and are providing the best care possible!

These are the top three most common medication myths that customers may believe about their pharmacy drugs. These myths persist because people adhere to them without any adverse effects, making it seem like they did the right thing rather than simply getting lucky. Quitting your medication early without an infection returning doesn’t mean that your meds were no longer essential, but that you had good fortune.

Remember that you can ask your pharmacist any and all questions that you have about your medication. Any concerns or uncertainties should be cleared up as soon as possible, and your pharmacist will know more than anyone else! When you do your part to dispel these harmful myths, you are making their job just a little bit easier. Thank your pharmacist for their hard work today!

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